SACEM Strategic Plan to 2018 - 2022

To ensure its durability, consolidate its competitive position and face the uncertainty of the global market after years of difficulties and to ensure its recovery, SACEM has developed its first five-year development plan called "Updated Strategic Plan": USP 2008-2012 aimed at increasing and certifying its mining potential and revamping treatment and production units, this plan was achieved more than 90% with the certification of resources and the revamping of the new treatment unit.

It was followed by USP 2013-2017 focused towards on increasing marketing through the diversification of markets (from 13 to 16 customers) and products as well as the development of human capital (management rate 32% and technicity rate 65%), this plan was carried out at close to 80%.

The Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022 will ensure the continuous development of Manganese Imini mine and will highlight the citizenship of SACEM, a company with social, societal and environmental responsibility (CSR). This Strategic Plan is broken down into 5 strategic orientations:

  1. 1- Improvement of performance and of technical results by revamping production tools and further geological and mining prospecting.

  2. 2- Anticipation and satisfaction of customers expectations with increased deployment of business intelligence, translated into objectives in the company WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT.

  3. 3- Continuation of the development and adaptation policy, devoting considerable attention to "Permanent Cooperation" and to "Social Dialogue", based on the saying : "NO MINERAL RESOURCES WITHOUT HUMAN RESOURCES"

  4. 4- Extension and diversification of social benefits for SACEM employees as well as for the populations neighbouring the mine site, comprising youth employment, opening up, education, healthcare, and any other initiatives that can contribute to the human development of the Imini region.

  5. 5- Development of the environmental aspect in accordance with the commitments made in the "CLIMATE CHARTER" of the Federation of Mineral Industry (FDIM) (Creation of green areas "GREEN MINE plan", MITIGATION of tailings and ADAPTATION of production tools, ..) for the preservation of the ecosystem of the area.

These strategic directions will be divided into 59 Global Objectives and 174 Operational Objectives.

As a CITIZEN CORPORATE, SACEM, while improving its economic performance, is moving towards a social economy. The company relays at the local level all the Royal Orientations and national policies in terms of VALUE CREATION and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.